5 Most Common Mistakes Exam Aspirants Make!

Many aspire to become government employees and prepare for competitive exams to achieve it. But, only a few clear the exams and reach their goal. Let us see 5 most common mistakes exam aspirants make that slow them in their race towards reaching their goal.

1. Choosing the right exam

There are various competitive exams for government jobs whether state or central. Each exam is conducted by different exam conducting or recruitment agencies and they have different syllabus. While exams conducted for Central government jobs generally have aptitude, reasoning, general knowledge as basic syllabus, the topics and exam patterns vary based on the post for which the exam is being conducted. Exams conducted by state government recruiting agencies, while sticking to a somewhat similar syllabus, give more importance to local language and state board school syllabus.

5 Most Common Mistakes: Aspirants should choose which exam suits their skills, knowledge and their stream of study. Choosing these three is the most important as making the wrong choice will result in wasting time and resources and eventually feeling defeated and giving up. So, aspirants should first consider their stream of study, which topics they are strong in, and which syllabus suits their knowledge to easily crack exams.

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2.Sticking to what you choose

Many aspirants do not realize the importance of sticking to one exam and giving their best continuously. While some can shift between different syllabus and exam patterns easily, it’s not the same for everyone. Preparing for and writing all kinds of exams will take one’s 100% focus from a certain exam and what you studied for it, but also diminish your efforts as you will end up preparing from scratch when you have to write the certain exam next time.

Set a clear goal for yourself and stick to it no matter what. If you are capable enough and give your best you will eventually crack the exam.

3.Changing paths midway or giving up

It is easy to get demotivated and change paths midway or give up while preparing for competitive exams. Obviously aspirants have their own responsibilities and issues to take care of and it is not wrong to give priority to those in exceptional cases. But, it is essential to stay on the path and keep trying even while fulfilling those responsibilities if you are capable enough. Losing opportunities by a mere ¼ mark or ½ mark can indeed be demotivating. While it is true that you lost, it also shows that you are capable of going that far and if you try a little more, success is not that far away. So, do not give up and keep trying as long as you can. All efforts bear results.

4.Drawing up a strategy

All aspirants start by studying everything mentioned in the syllabus and practicing every topic to attain speed. It is exciting in the beginning when you learn to easily solve and remember answers for questions. However, the best way to crack exams is to draw up a strategy to both study and attend questions during the exam. Studying old questions for the concerned exam and observing the type of questions that are repeated, which are easy for you, and most number of questions asked from specific topics.

It is also imperative to observe and make a list of difficult topics and questions so that you can improve your learning or avoid them to reduce the probability of getting negative marks. Drawing up a strategy to prepare for the exam and attend questions in the exam will greatly motivate you when you see the results.

5.Withstanding outside pressure

Everyone has their own set of responsibilities and faces pressure from family, friends, relatives and society. It affects exam aspirants the most as they are continuously discouraged, mocked and even outcast when they don’t perform well. Instead of losing heart because of such things, aspirants should take them as motivating factors to trust themselves and continue their efforts. Believe in yourself. Only then others will believe in you.

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