Syllogism Practice Questions for RRB ALP/Technician 2024 Exam

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Syllogism Practice Questions for RRB ALP/Technician 2024 Exam: Railway Recruitment Board has released recrutiment notifications for ALP and Technician Grade I & III. Competitive exams held for all the above mentioned posts include the topic of Syllogism in General Intelligence & Reasoning section. For candidates aspiring to clear these exams both Video Lecture and Practice Test are provided in this article. Make use of it and ace the exams.

General Intelligence & Reasoning Syllogism Type 1 practice link.

Reasoning Syllogism Type 1

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1. Statements :
(a) All books are boxes.
(b) All boxes are pens.
(c) All pens are papers.
Conclusions :
I. Some papers are books.
II. All books are papers.
III. Some pens are books.
IV. All boxes are books.

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2. Statements :
(a) All dogs are books
(b) All books are pictures.
Conclusion :
I. All dogs are pictures.
II. All books are dogs .
III. All pictures are dogs.
IV. Some pictures are books.

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3. Statements :
(a) Some shoes are White.
(b) All White are Blue.
Conclusions :
I. All shoes are Blue.
II. Some shoes are Blue.

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4. Statements :
(a) All books are novels.
(b) Some novels are poems.
Conclusions :
(I) Some books are poems.
(II) Some poems are novels.

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5. Statements :
Some teachers are students.
All students are girls.
Conclusions :
(I) All teachers are girls.
(II) Some girls are teachers.
(III) Some girls are students.
(IV) All students are teachers.

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6. Statement :
(a) All politicians are intelligent
(b) Some women are politicians
Conclusions :
I. Some women are intelligent
II. All those intelligent are

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7. Statements :
(a) All peacocks are lions.
(b) Some tigers are peacocks.
Conclusions :
I. Some lions are not tigers.
II. All tigers are lions.
III. Some tigers are lions.
IV. All peacocks are tigers.

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Syllogism Test 1 – Basic concept

Syllogism Practice Questions for RRB ALP/Technician 2024 Exam: Syllogism Online Video Lecture in Tamil Lecture 1. Reasoning forms a very important part of competitive exams and is included in RRB exam syllabus as well. Reasoning questions asked in railway exams are not as difficult as the ones asked in other competitive exams and so it is easy to score good marks in this section in railway exams.

Syllogism is part of the reasoning syllabus for railway exams. Questions from syllogism are relatively easy and learning the basic concept will go a long way in cracking all the questions. Aspirants can watch below videos to understand basic concepts of syllogism.

Syllogism Online Video Lecture in Tamil Lecture 2

Candidates should be smart in prepearing for the upcoming railway exams and thoroughly examine the questions and their patterns asked in recent exams such as NTPC CBT 1 & 2. Candidates should be aware of the change in pattern and new type of questions asked in these exams to prepare better for the upcoming Technician and ALP exams to score high marks.

RRB Technician 2024 Notification Out-9144 vacancy


  • Sitting Arrangements (Linear,Circular)
  • Blood relation
  • Syllogism
  • Ranking and order
  • Blood relation
  • Mathematical operations
  • Statements and Arguments
  • Decision Making
  • Alphabetical Reasoning
  • Direction / Coded-Direction
  • Venn Diagram

These are the topics are most important for all Railway Exams

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